Jul 10, 2010

Your last opportunity - Charles Finney

This is a classic example of opportunity redemption and duty faith preaching. Preaching like this makes Christ's redemption conditioned on the self-determination of the sinner; it makes redemption a duty of man and not a free grace blessing of Christ; and it places the hope and glory of God's grace on the will of the flesh. Many Calvinists and Reformed preachers will preach the gospel call in this same manner as Charles Finney did.

"If you neglect but for one moment too long, it will be fatal. There is a moment beyond which if you neglect seeking the kingdom of God, you can never attend to it with success thereafter. If you wait beyond that point, no mercy remains; the door of heaven is shut against you; your damnation is certain. We cannot know where this point is. It may be this hour, this moment. This sinner, may be your last opportunity. If so, how important that Christ should require you to seek salvation now! And how vital that you should heed and obey the call!" - Charles Finney

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