Jul 10, 2010

They had opportunity - John Wesley

John Wesley clearly taught that eternal justifying grace is maintained and sustained by availing ourselves of opportunities to do good works. This is the horrifying effects of "opportunity redemption" and "duty faith" preaching. He writes in the 1st Volume of his works:

"I had a long conversation with Mr. Ingham. We both agreed,

1. That none shall finally be saved, who have not, as they had opportunity, done all good works; and, 

2. That if a justified person does not do good, as he has opportunity, he will lose the grace he has received; and if he “repent” not, “and do the former works,” will perish eternally. But with regard to the unjustified, (if I understand him,) we wholly disagreed. He believed it is not the will of God, that they should wait for faith in doing good. I believe, this is the will of God; and that they will never find him, unless they seek him in this way." - John Wesley

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