Jul 21, 2010

Isaiah 53:6 - William Styles

(Isa. 53:6): “The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” “Language which,” says A. Barnes, “expresses the idea that Christ suffered for all men,” and that there “was no limitation in respect to the number of those for whom He died.” This interpretation, however, overlooks the words “we” and “us,” by which the range of the universal term “all” must be determined. The persons referred to are repentant sinners who deplore the fact, that like lost sheep they have gone astray. Penitence is a grace of the Spirit, and proves an interest in the salvation of God. The verse, therefore, expresses the idea, that for those who are truly convinced of sin, Christ died; and implies, that those for whom He suffered will be led to deplore their guilt, and be ultimately saved—for which we contend.

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