Jul 7, 2010

Exposing the baxterianism pretenders - John Brine

[Brine is exposing a Baxterian who pretends to agree with the Calvinist] "I am, Sir, surprized at what follows in the Author, which is this, he pretends that he agrees in the Doctrines of God’s free Grace with those  Calvinists , who think that evangelical Repentance and special Faith are the Duties of unregenerate Men, and apprehend that the Obligation to those Duties arises from the moral Law; whereas there is nothing more false.

They suppose that God has chosen a certain Number of Men to everlasting Life; that for there Christ died in order to save them, and for no others, with that view, that Grace in order to Life and Happiness is given to the Elect alone. He supposes, that God conditionally decreed the Happiness of all, and that the Death of Christ is of unlimited Extent, that Grace is given to the Non-elect in order to Happiness, and that they may obtain Life, through a proper Improvement of this common Grace. Light and Darkness therefore, are not more contrary, than his Sentiments and those of the  Calvinists , in many Respects, notwithstanding this pretended Agreement." - John Brine

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