Jul 12, 2010

There must be no duty faith, duty hope, duty obedience - J.C. Philpot

"We hail poor souls ready to perish, outcasts in their feelings; for these are the only persons who know what a free grace ministry is; there is always some duty to be done by everybody else; some sneaking, lurking self-righteousness not rooted out. With others there is always some self at the bottom, till the trials and distressing sensations which the "outcast," and "ready to perish" feel, become brooms and besoms to rout out that miserable fellow, self-righteousness. The holes and corners have to be swept. There must be no duty faith, duty hope, duty obedience. But let a man be well exercised in his soul, sin, Satan, temptation, an evil heart, and a corrupt nature, with whole troops of lusts and corruptions speedily will be up in arms against him; and he will feel himself to be a poor miserable wretch without either hope or help." -J.C. Philpot

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