Jul 21, 2010

1 Timothy 2:6 - William Styles

“Who gave Himself a ransom for all,” (1 Tim. 2:6). Supposed to teach that Christ has given Himself a ransom for the whole human race; but an examination of the context will show the view to be untenable. St. Paul’s subject is prayer, which he exhorts should be offered for “all men,” verse 1. This determines the force of the word “all” in the passage before us. To suppose that we should pray for every human being that lives, has lived, or shall live, is absurd. Men of all classes and characters are evidently intended. In this sense, too, Christ was a ransom for all. Salvation is restricted to no one nation. Its range is predetermined by the sovereign will of Jehovah, irrespectively of men’s social or political standing, and He purposes that all sorts of men, Jew, Gentile, Greek, barbarian, bond and free, old and young, shall be saved, verse 4. Such therefore have been bought with the blood of Christ, and faith is encouraged to offer petitions for any for whose eternal welfare we are solicitous.

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