Jul 21, 2010

Malachi 2:15 - William Styles

“Yet had He the residue of the spirit,” Mal. 2:15. These words have no connection with the work of the Holy Spirit. The prophet is reproving the Jews for marrying idolatrous women (verse 11), on account of which the Lord rejected their offerings. On their enquiring why (verse 14), the answer is given: “Because He hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth against whom that hast dealt treacherously (by casting her off in order than an alliance with an idolatrous woman might be formed) although she is thy companion and the wife of the (lawful marriage) covenant.’ “Did not He, at the creation make one?” i.e., Adam, the only man created immediately by Him, “though He had the residue of the spirit,” i.e., He had no lack of creative energy, and the acts of His power were limited solely by His pleasure. And wherefore (died He create but) one? That He might seek or secure a godly seed—that the human race might be produced by generation in honourable wedlock. Thus the fact that God created one and but one man, and provided but one help meet for him is alleged against the evil practices which the prophet condemns. These passages therefore do not assert or imply that the Spirit endeavours to effect the salvation of all men." -William Styles

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