Apr 12, 2010

Matthew 11:20 - William Styles

Matt. 11:20, Jesus “upbraided the cities,”—“because they repented not.” Here the Lord speaks of the Repentance He enforced as the act of cities collectively, which clearly shows that it was not individual, as is that which is unto life eternal. Isa. 27:12.

“If we say that the Repentance contemplated by our Lord in addressing Capernaum, etc. (Matt. 11:23) was unto eternal salvation, we must add that it is an eternal pity that the works of Christ were not done in Tyre, Sidon, and Sodom, for ‘they would have repented long ago,’ and gone to heaven for ever! It is, however, evident that our Lord meant such moral Repentance as would have stayed impending judgments, and so the offending cities ‘would have remained unto this day.’”—John Foreman.

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