Apr 12, 2010

Acts 2:38-40 - William Styles

Acts 2:38-40. “Repent and be baptized, every one of you,” etc. Observe that Peter’s sermon (verse 14-36) consists solely of quotations from the Old Testament, and statements of facts concerning Christ. Not a syllable of exhortation occurs in the whole of it, nor is Repentance mentioned. When, however (verse 37), many were “pricked in their heart”—i.e., smitten with compunction especially on account of their crowning sin in crucifying the Lord of Glory, and gave evidence of the Divine change by appealing to the apostles for further instruction, “What shall we do?”—then, and not before, did Peter say, “Repent”—i.e., change your views and purposes respecting the Crucified One. No longer regard Him as a malefactor justly put to death, but recognize Him as the Messiah, and trust Him for the salvation of your souls. Declare yourself on His side by following Him in the waters of baptism, “and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost”—i.e., His miraculous gifts; for they had already received Him as a new Creator. “For the promise is unto you”—i.e., the generation of the Jews then living—“and to your children,” all Jews to the end of time; “and to all that are far off,” the Gentile nations, “even as many as the Lord our God shall call” by His almighty power and grace, through the preached Word, out of all nations, kindred, people, and tongues.—J. Walker.

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