Apr 25, 2010

Hebrews 2:9 - William Tant

" That he by the grace of God, should, taste death for every man," Heb. 2:9. This, cannot mean that Christ tasted death for every descendant from Adam, because Christ's death was the consequence of his Mediatorship, in which Mediatorship he became responsible for all their sins on whose behalf he died; and all those for whom he became responsible, had eternal life given them on the ground of this responsibility : and as " his goings forth in mediatorial acts were of old, even from everlasting," so all interested in his death were "quickened together with him," that is, had eternal life given them in him from everlasting. So that Christ being the " beloved Son of God," by virtue of this quickening, they were sons in him: and through his Mediatorship they have, when his spirit is sent forth in their hearts, a living agreement and communion with God. Therefore the "every man" Christ tasted death for, is every son, in other words, " the whole family in heaven and earth named in Christ."

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