Apr 12, 2010

Luke 14:18 - William Styles

Luke 14:18, “And they all began with one accord to make excuse.” Quoted in proof of the doctrine that a free salvation is offered to all men, but that many excuse themselves from accepting it and so perish; thereby increasing the anger of God at their rejection of His grace. But this parable of the Great Feast, like that of the Marriage of the King’s Son (Matt. 22:5), refers to the rejection of Christ by the Jews, and the subsequent calling of the Gentiles. The invitation of the servant (verse 17) answers to the ministrations of Jesus and His Apostles among them. These were disregarded by them. Hence their national downfall.

See also the notes on Isa. 49:8, page 230; Matt. 23:37, page 113; Luke 19:41, page 114; and Acts 7:51, page 116.

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