Apr 10, 2010

Luke 13:24 - William Odling

"Strive to enter in at the strait gate." Luke 13:24.

...when Christ had been speaking of the few who entered into the kingdom; and that in its first introduction, it was so small, only like a grain of mustard seed, and like leaven hid in meal; one came unto him, (not so sincere as the young man above named, but from mere curiosity,) and said unto him, " Lord are there few that be saved?" Christ did not, (as in many other instances,) give him a direct answer; but said to those around, as well as unto him, which no doubt were as curious as himself; "Strive to enter in at the strait gate." Luke xiii. 24. Now Christ himself is intended by the "Strait Gate." And to repent of, and change their erroneous notions, principles, and practices, and legally believe in Christ, and own him as the Messiah; the doctrines which he taught, and that his kingdom was at hand; thus to believe in Christ, was entering in at the "Strait Gate," and become legal subjects of his kingly authority. But to be made or become spiritual subjects, is God's prerogative; and there is no command to strive in this matter; for it is said to them," Enter ye in at the strait gate." Matt. vii. 13. (These two passages are not parallels, as many take them to be, for the latter was addressed to Christ's disciples, and the former to the unregenerate multitude. See the context of each.) And there was a natural belief or faith in Christ as their promised Messiah, which devolved on the Jews as a nation, especially so; (as well as upon all Gentiles now where the gospel is sent; and this is what I call duty-faith.) And they had the advantage of all other nations, for they had the Divine Oracles, Rom. iii. 12, from the very commencement of their being a separate people and nation,, and they boasted of their advantages. So that Christ had an undoubted right to exhort them to "Strive to enter in at the strait gate," or to believe in him.

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