Apr 11, 2010

Ecclesiastes 12:1 - William Styles

“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth,” Eccl. 12:1. Continually employed as an exhortation to children to become pious in their youth. But no spiritual act is contemplated. God, in the capacity of our Creator—not as our Saviour—is presented as the object of remembrance. The context concerns morality. “Remove sorrow from thine heart,”—i.e., the lusts which end in sorrow; and “put away evil from thy flesh”—i.e., avoid sensuality, and “remember thy Creator,” His government and laws “in the days of thy youth.” No spiritual blessing is conjoined with this remembrance. Nothing is found in the least analogous to the doctrine of obtaining spiritual life and favour for believing. The verse teaches the advantage of early and constant recollection of our relation to God as our Creator, Preserver, and Judge.

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