Oct 13, 2010

This doctrine sets aside at once all arminianism - William Huntington

"…the covenant of promise belongs to the heirs of promise; and that the ministration of the Spirit is sent with power to none but to the heirs of eternal life; and that the gospel reveals the righteousness of God to all those that are predestinated to be called, justified, and glorified. Therefore, to preach a pure gospel, that reveals God’s righteousness, and no other, a gospel that sets forth the Saviour as the believer’s all in all, and to enforce and maintain subjection to the gospel of Christ, and an experience of the life and power of it, obedience to it, a life, walk, and conversation in it, to insist on the fruits of the Spirit, the works of righteousness, the works of faith, and labours of love, is the only way to be useful to God’s elect, and the only way to glorify Christ. This doctrine sets aside at once all arminianism, and all Arminians or bond children, and fixes them on their own covenant with the rest of the world, and under the commands and threatening of that law on which they build, and to which they look for righteousness and perfection."

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