Oct 11, 2010

Hebrews 2:9 - Robert Hawker

CHRIST is said to have tasted death for every man. The
phrase is an expression to intimate knowledge of death. It is a
figure borrowed from the common circumstances of mankind, such
as when, in order to ascertain what a thing is, and to have a
personal knowledge of it, we taste it. Such was the case here, in
allusion to CHRIST’s death. By the grace of GOD he tasted it; that is,
he endured it. When it is added, for every man, it is not to be
supposed, that his death was intended a ransom for every
individual of the human race; but for every one of his brethren, the
heirs of salvation, as they are called: Hebrews 1:14. And the
following verses, of the many sons he is to bring to glory; the
persons whom he is not ashamed to call brethren; and the children
whom GOD hath given him: these terms very plainly define, and
mark the characters of those, for whom CHRIST tasted death.

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