Oct 11, 2010

Martyred because of Particular Redemption - Gottschalk of Orbais

These are some quotes from a man named "Gottschalk of Orbais" from the 9th century:

"Indeed, just as He [God] predestined all of the elect to life through the gratuity of the free grace of His kindness, as the pages of the Old and New Testaments very clearly, skillfully, and soberly show those seeking wisdom on this matter, so also He altogether predestined the reprobate to the punishment of eternal death, of course, through the most righteous judgment of His immutable justice." (Fragment from Hincmar of Rheims, De pradestinatione, 5 [PL 121, p. 365 - translation Genke & Gumerlock]; similar comments are found in Godescalc's own Longer Confession).

"... the one who says that the Lord suffered generally for all, for the salvation and redemption of both the elect and reprobate, contradicts God the Father Himself" (Tome to Gislemar - translation Genke & Gumerlock)

"... Therefore, if God gave His Son even for all of the reprobate, then He has given to them with Him all good things, and through this also eternal life. But He has not given them with Him all good things. Therefore, He did not give Him up for them ... Therefore, if Christ died even for the reprobate, then the reprobate too, having been justified in His blood, will be saved from wrath through Him. But the reprobate will not be saved from wrath through Him. Therefore, Christ did not die for the reprobate." (Answers to Various Questions - translation Genke & Gumerlock)

Gottschalk was actually imprisoned and eventually murdered for his views on predestination and limited atonement. "The Synod deposed Gotteschalk from the priesthood, ordered his books to be burned, ordered him to be shut up in a monastery, and had him publicly whipped. But the cruel Hincmar was not yet finished with his "rebellious" monk. Evidently unable to tolerate any disagreement with his position, he was determined to force Gotteschalk to recant. Within the walls of the monastery Gotteschalk was whipped so severely that he nearly died. But as he lay on the floor of his torture chamber, bloody and near death, he continued to refuse to retract his position. Even the rage of Hincmar could not elicit from this saint a denial of what he believed to be God's truth. The treatment of Gotteschalk was so cruel that it was protested by some leading clerics of his day. ...After twenty years of imprisonment, Gotteschalk died at the age of 62 or 63 in the year 868."

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