Aug 26, 2012

John Hurrion Books (1676-1731)

The Doctrine of Particular Redemption (81 pages)

The Rev. Mr. John Hurrion is well known by his valuable and elaborate writings a. After being suitably qualified for the work of the holy ministry, by a stock of useful learning, and other ministerial gifts and endowments was called forth to labor in the Lord’s vineyard; and was first settled in a dissenting meeting-house at Denton, in the county of Norfolk, where he was highly, esteemed, and his ministry much countenanced by the Lord. His fame having spread, for being an able and evangelical preacher, and a strenuous defender of the peculiar doctrines of Christianity, he was warmly invited, and got an unanimous call to labor in a church at London, that had greatly flourished for many years, under the ministrations of another eminent dissenting divine. Here he was much esteemed and respected, and his labors crowned with success. [Quoted from]

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