Aug 18, 2012

Benjamin Taylor Books (-1875-)

Deceiving the Souls of Thousands (11 pages)

"Sure enough thousands are thus deceived. May God give them the power of trying the spirits before they die, that they may find out the cheat. Never mind how popular such men may be who give the children's bread to dogs, and make no proper distinction between the children of the bond-woman and those of the free. Never mind the great cry of the good that is said to be done by them, and the multitudes of converts made by their indiscriminate invitations; but rather test the things you hear and read about by God's Word, and ask, Is it all truth what they say? Be not carried away by popular preaching; for the real work of the Holy Spirit is not represented as existing among the masses of the people, but quite the contrary; and the true and faithful servants of Christ are spoken of "as not being many which corrupt the Word of God." The servants of our free-will Jezebel are always very numerous, but God's own servants are something like pearls, scarce to be found (2 Cor. 2: 17; Mal. 3: 17; Matt. 7: 14, 22, 20: 16; Jer. 15: 19; Isa. 54: 15)." -Benjamin Taylor

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