Dec 31, 2011

Let no difficulty hinder thee in serving thy Lord - Samuel Richardson

By nature we are prone to desire liberty, and abuse it; we need to be exhorted that we use not our liberty as an occasion to the flesh, Gal. 5. to sloth and ease, &c. Liberty to sin is no liberty, but the greatest bondage that can be to have a free heart to serve God, and the lets outwardly removed is sweet liberty to enjoy God, is liberty to be set free by Christ from sin, Satan, hell, is to be freed indeed; and though we have nothing to do to be saved, we have something to do for his glory, which is to be our meat and drink, therefore let no difficulty hinder thee in serving thy Lord, say not it is impossible, consider Luk. 1. 6. 1 Pet. 4. 13. 19. Press after perfection, the nearer the better, watch and pray to prevent sin, to do good, make it thy business to keep Christ's commands.

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