Dec 23, 2011

Israel Atkinson (1817-1881)

Memoir of Israel Atkinson[Link to the Google version] (196 pages)
The Atonement (76 pages)
Faith (179 pages)
The Great Question Considered (34 pages)

Letter from John Foreman to Israel Atkinson
"This you have as a testimony of my great regard for you, and desire for your future welfare and prosperous success by the blessing of God in all that, by the disposing will of God, you may be called to put your hand to. My equal Christian love to your dear partner. God bless her with yourself and the dear babes! My love to all friends in the truth with whom you may meet, to whom for Christ's sake my name is no offence, and by this token believe me to be, dear brother, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, yours truly and very affectionately, J. Foreman." Dated December 3rd, 1842. (quoted from Memoir of Israel Atkinson)

Duty-faith Expositions

Free Grace Expositions