Feb 25, 2011

"Men may do things from a legal or old covenant spirit" - John Bunyan

"Men may do things from a legal or old covenant
spirit when they content themselves
with their doing of such and such a thing, as
prayers, reading, hearing, baptism, breaking of
bread, or the like; I say, when they can content
themselves with the thing done, and sit down at
ease and content because the thing is done. As,
for instance, some men being persuaded that
such and such a thing is their duty, and that
unless they do do it, God will not be pleased
with them, nor suffer them to be heirs of His
kingdom, they from this spirit do rush into and
do the thing, which being done, they are
content, as being persuaded that now they are
without doubt in a happy condition, because
they have done such things, like unto the
Pharisee, who, because he had done this and the
other thing, said therefore, in a bragging way,
“Lord, I thank thee that I am not as this
publican”; for I have done thus and thus; when,
alas! the Lord [gave] him never a good word for
his labour, but rather a reproof." -John Bunyan

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