Feb 25, 2011

The law of faith - John Bunyan

"Yea, a little after you tell us, that ‘The
doctrine of his sending the Holy Ghost, was to
move and excite us to our duty, and to assist,
cheer, and comfort us in the performance of it.’
Still meaning our close adhering, by the purity
of our human nature, to the dictates of the law,
as written in our hearts as men. Which is as
false as God is true. For the Holy Ghost is sent
into our hearts, not to excite us to a compliance
with our old and wind-shaken excellencies, that
came into the world with us; but to write new
laws in our hearts; even the law of faith, the
word of faith and of grace, and the doctrine of
remission of sins, through the blood of the
Lamb of God, that holiness might flow from
thence." -John Bunyan

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