Mar 4, 2010

The True Gospel; No Yea and Nay Gospel by Robert Hawker

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"And the advocates of a yea and nay gospel, all act in perfect conformity to those principles. The preachers of it are continually holding forth a motley religion which they call the gospel, made up of law and gospel, faith and good works. Were it not for the awfulness of the subject, a man might smile to hear what very wooing and winning words are made use of by them to gain upon the hearts of their hearers by human persuasion. Offers of Christ, yea pressing Christ upon the congregation, are the chief topics adopted. And sometimes, from the great earnestness with which they have worked up their natural feeling to persuade, they enforce the present opportunity as if, should it be neglected, never another perhaps may be afforded them." -Robert Hawker

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