Jan 28, 2010

Duty Faith - Avoiding Extremes by George Wyard, Sen.

Below is a quote from a letter. You can read it HERE.

In the context of the quote he is referring to those who teach duty faith because the read a text without scriptural exposition and how this is one extreme error. The other is from some who would deny duty heaven-born faith and go further to deny duty natural-law faith on the basis of their own reasoning and logic rather than scriptural exposition. Both extremes are errors which came from men and not scriptural exposition of the word of God.

"...By the words " For such a course there does appear to be in the word both precept and precedency," I meant that, if we interpreted Scripture by the sound rather than by the sense of it, there are many passages which appear (but only appear) to support the doctrine known as " duty-faith."

With regard to the following clause, which reads thus, " For the other there is only inference and certain conclusions deducible from certain premises laid down after a logical form; by "the other" I intended the opposite course, that is, that extreme at which some have arrived in opposing Mr. Fuller's system. For while the advocates of one extreme would teach the unconverted that it is their duty to believe savingly in Jesus Christ, those who advocate the opposite assure the ungodly that it is not their duty to believe at all. Hence I intended to say that, while the advocates of " duty-faith" had the appearance of scriptural authority, those who insist upon the other extreme have not an example in Scripture for their guidance, the only possible support for their statements being inferential.

In my own ministry, while seeking to avoid both extremes, I have taught that saving faith is the gift of God, arising from vital union to Christ under the new covenant; for the exercise of which those who are not interested in that covenant are not responsible ; their responsibility being identical with that of Adam their only federal head, and being bounded by that law under which they are created. Hence I have endeavoured to show that their obligation under the Gospel dispensation is such only as arises from the law of nature under which they stand, that law requiring them to hear the Gospel when opportunity is afforded, to believe its statements, and to obey its moral precepts."

-George Wyard, Sen.

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