Jan 1, 2010

A Blow Struck at The Root of Fullerism - Job Hupton

A Blow Struck at The Root of Fullerism - Job Hupton [Download MP3]

"All that your letter contains amounts to nothing. You say that, because it said, “That which is not of faith is sin; and whosoever committeth sin transgresseth the law, for sin is the transgression of the law; and without faith it is impossible to please God.” You conclude that faith is a duty commanded by the law. Your conclusion amounts to this: That because the natural man can do nothing but sin, without the principle of’ faith, it must be his duty to have that principle. You might just as well say, that because no man can believe in Christ love God know him or, in any one instance please him without the in-dwelling and operations of the Holy Ghost, without rege-neration and the Grace of God in the heart, that these are all duties of the law. Nay, you might as well affirm, that because a man, who is not justified and accepted of God in Christ, cannot perform one work acceptable to him, it is therefore his duty to be in Christ, and justified from all things.

This, Sir, is so much akin to the Arminian language of getting an interest in Christ get grace, get faith, etc., that I think, upon reviewing it, you will be a little ashamed of it. You confidently affirm that it is the duty of all, who are favoured with the bible, to know God. I ask, whether it is the duty of those, from whom God hides the mysteries of his gospel, to know him as he has revealed himself in the face of Christ. You conclude that because the gospel is a savour of death to some, faith is a duty of the law. Strange, indeed! You might as well say, that because God has blinded the minds of some, it is their duty to see; because the gospel is hid from them who are lost, it is therefore their duty to behold its glory; and because the doctrine of the cross is, to them who perish, foolishness it must be a duty of the law for them to know it to be the wisdom of God.

Though I believe that the guilt of man is increased by the opposition they make to the dispensation of’ the gospel, and not enquiring whether it be of God or not, yet I cannot see how any man’s sin is augmented, and his punishment increased, by his not having what is freely a gift of God."

(qouted from A Blow Struck at the Root of Fullersim by Job Hupton)

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