May 19, 2012

To make grace as universal as nature! - Joseph Hussey

Ministers are called to divide the Word aright, (2 Tim 2:15) to give to everyone a proper portion, and not invite promiscuously Dogs to eat of the children's bread (Mt 15:26) and call this an improving the means of grace that they may be saved. Ministers are called to be the savor of death unto death in them that perish (2 Cor.15:16) and not to flatter and coax them, to get their own interest and worldly names up among them, as if all that heard them were universally redeemed, and so those that perish might improve the ‘means of grace’ and be saved. - Justice must be glorified in the condemnation of the wicked [and wicked here are such as Christ will say he never knew in any sense righteous (Mt 7:23), not before their so-called faith in Christ, and therefore never after their ‘faith’] as well as mercy in the salvation of the upright, or those whom Mercy makes upright. I will tell them that which is otherwise crooked cannot be made straight. (Ecc 1:15) This is the Truth, the other is the mere dream of a universal redemption. They are no ministers of Christ like to be graciously prospered [I say like to be graciously prospered] in this Gospel Day, who have a sort of Universal Grace to buoy up all the sons of Adam with a hope. And yet sad to be spoken, and because true, more sad not to be spoken; he has become a notable Divine now that is most artful at preaching as a trade, to please men (Gal 1:10) and so cog the dice, as to make grace as universal as nature!

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