Jul 9, 2011

Names in the book of Life - Philippians 4:2-3 - Robert Hawker

"I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche, that they be of the same mind in the Lord. And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowlabourers, whose names are in the book of life." [Philippians 4:2-3]

We have no account in any other part of Scripture, concerning those Persons Paul speaks of: Euodias, Syntyche, and Clement. No doubt, members of the Church at Philippi; and of the body of CHRIST. But let not the Reader overlook, how sweetly the Apostle intimates their union, and interest in CHRIST, in having their names in the book of life. This is the first, and predisposing cause, of all the blessedness of the Church. The names, by which is meant, the Persons of CHRIST'S mystical body, are all given by the FATHER to the SON; are all known by him, and loved by him, from all eternity. And CHRIST‘s love of them, in redeeming them, washing them in his blood, watching over them, and carrying them, through all the time-state of their being here below, until he brings them all home to glory: all, and every Covenant mercy in CHRIST, ariseth from the first, and original source; they were chosen in CHRIST before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1:4. And hence, from the same everlasting love, and on the same account, all the blessings they receive, from the quickening, and regenerating grace of GOD the HOLY GHOST, with all his gifts, and graces, from the first moment of GOD's electing love, until grace is summed up in glory: the whole, and every one, springs from hence, their names are written in the book of life. Not that GOD needs such records, as we do, in our transactions in life; but it is spoken in accommodation to our apprehension of things. It is expressive, both of GOD's purposes, and decrees; and of the personal choice the LORD hath made, of every one. Sweet, and precious truth! And, so infinitely important is it, in the view of CHRIST, that he bid his disciples rejoice more in the assurance of it, than even the devils being made subject to them through his name. And, beyond all doubt, it is an infinitely greater motive for joy: just as much as a cause is beyond an effect. See Luke 10:20. Hebrews 12:23.

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