May 2, 2011

The permission of things, and the things themselves - The Old Baptist Test (1867) - John M. Watson

"HOWEVER DARK AND STRANGE His providence may seem to us, yet the permission of such things, is in the permission of them right. If we only make the necessary distinction between the permission of things, and the things themselves, we will relieve the subject of much difficulty. The act, in itself, may be even contrary to the commandment of the Lord, but the permission of it may subserve important ends in His providence. In the case of Joseph, for instance, the acts which his brethren were permitted to do, were in themselves wicked, but the permission of them was followed by good results; good was in that manner brought out of evil, though they had no right or authority from God to do evil, that good might come out of it. Rom. iii, 8. This may be seen much more fully and conspicuously in the crucifixion of Christ. The wicked acts of His enemies in crucifying Him, produced the greatest and best results which ever occurred in this world; for through their acts He became a sacrifice for sins. In their wicked hands He suffered, bled and died, that He might redeem His people from all iniquity."

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