Apr 19, 2011

They are “conformed to this world.” - William Styles

"Many saved sinners know that the second verse of the twelfth of Romans is not exemplified in their lives. They are “conformed to this world.” They are not “transformed by the renewing of their minds.” They do not discern and approve what is “that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” They are not in cordial sympathy with much of the Bible. They are not at ease with their religion, nor satisfied from themselves (Prov. 14:14). They know that there is something awfully wrong about their experience, and ever and anon they make half- despondent attempts to attain a better state of things, which generally end in failure and collapse. Where lies their mistake? They have attempted to realize Romans 12:2, before considering verse 1, and complying with God’s demand, and presenting their bodies as living sacrifices to Himself." -William Styles

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