Dec 28, 2010

ACCIDENT TO MR. GADSBY. - "Fully persuaded that the Lord means the affliction for good."


"Many of our readers have doubtless heard of the accident which has befallen our dear and aged friend Gadsby; but, as many may not have heard of it, and as reports lose nothing in their travels, -we feel inclined to give the particulars, which may have the effect of preventing the matter being made worse than it really is. While walking in his garden on the morning of the 14th September, his foot slipped, and he fell, arid by the fall, we are grieved to say, his right leg was broken just at the ancle. He was immediately helped into the house, and medical assistance procured; and, at the time of our going to press, was doing as well as can be expected. He has travelled thousands and thousands of miles to preach the gospel, and has invariably been mercifully preserved from any serious accident; and yet, while in his own garden, the dear Lord has seen fit to suffer that to befal him which we fear will confine him to the house for many weeks. He desires us, through this notice, to give his love to his friends, and to assure them that as yet he feels fully persuaded that the Lord means the affliction for good, and that he cannot murmur against his sovereign dispensations. He knows that his Master is too wise to err, and too good to be unkind, but he does not know how long he may be favoured to remain in this sensible frame of mind, as he feels himself to be a poor fickle creature. He trusts that it may be impressed on the hearts of his friends to remember him at the throne of grace, that he may be kept submissive to the will of the Lord, with his mind steadfastly stayed on his God. And we trust that it may be impressed on his mind, when he is able to sit up, to commit to paper some account of the Lord's dealings with him, both in providence and grace. Indeed, we cannot help believing he is made prisoner for the purpose. Bunyan wrole his Pilgrim's Progress while in prison." [Quoted from the "The Gospel standard" 1840]

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