Sep 11, 2010

John Brown - An Example of Duty-faith and Opportunity Redemption among the Reformed

Here is a very clear example of the Universal-Potential Redeeming Grace teachings that can be found in reformed churches. John Brown writes in his Shorter Catechism,

"Q. Doth God command every man that hears the gospel to take his gift Christ out of his hand ?—A. Yes ; under pain of his most dreadful wrath, 1 John iii. 23.

Q. What mean you by Christ's offer of himself?—A. His holding forth himself as able and willing to save, and inviting sinners to receive salvation from him.

Q. To whom doth Christ offer himself?—A. To every one that hears the gospel, without exception, Prov. viii. 4.

Q. In what manner is Christ offered in the gospel ?—A. Fully, freely, earnestly, and indefinitely, Isa. lv..."

John Brown teaching

"Q. How is Christ offered indefinitely ?—A. The gospeloffer of him suits every hearer's case as exactly as if he was named in it, Rev. iii. 17, 18.

Q. What do you understand by embracing of Christ as offered in the gospel 1—A. A particular persuasion that Christ in the promise is mine; and made of God to me wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption; and trusting on his word, that he will act up to all his saving characters to me in order to promote my everlasting salvation..."

"Q. How do we receive him in agreeableness to his being indefinitely offered?—A. By applying the offer as particularly to ourselves as if it had pointed us out by name, and were not to another, Gal. ii. 20."

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