Aug 3, 2010

2 Corinthians 6:1-2 - Robert Hawker now, during the time-state of the Church upon the earth, and the time-state of every individual of the Church, this is the accepted time, and the day of salvation; in which GOD the FATHER’S everlasting love, in the choice of each child of GOD in CHRIST, is proved: an interest, and union, and oneness with CHRIST, as CHRIST, is discovered; and the quickening, regenerating, renewing, and sealing grace of GOD the HOLY GHOST, is felt, and enjoyed; when the LORD by his sovereignty, makes the souls of the redeemed willing, in the day of his power. And this now, the Apostle speaks of, and dwells upon, is not a limited now, as some, to their own souls distresses, and to the distresses of others, have supposed, as if a poor sinner's receiving grace depended upon his receiving it now, which may be refused to him tomorrow: which would be making GOD’S grace depend upon man's will; and the Omnipmency of the LORD rest, for accomplishment, upon the sovereign pleasure of man. But the now the Apostle speaks of, is a now, which to the Church at large, continues, as long as the world shall continue; and to every individual of the Church, as long as that individual shall continue in his present time state. For it must remain, until all the redeemed, for whom CHRIST died, are brought in. All that the FATHER giveth me, said JESUS, shall come to me, John 6:37. And the accepted time is not the time of man's appointing, but the LORD’S. The now of GOD, is the day, when GOD makes willing, Psalm 110:3.

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