Jun 4, 2010

The duty-faith Arminian - Daniel Whitby

Duty faith is the teaching that every soul who hears the gospel has is duty bound to receive the blessings of Christ redemption by faith or to believe to the saving of his soul.

Daniel Whitby (the great Arminian) says,

"Now if it were the duty, even of them who perish under the preaching of the gospel, to own Christ as their Saviour, and to believe to the salvation of their souls, it follows either that it is, and, in all generations since our Saviour's coming, was, their duty to believe a lie, and to apply that to them which belonged not to them; or that Christ's death might truly have been applied to, and therefore was most certainly intended for, the salvation of those souls that perish."

"Hence it will follow, that neither the elect nor non-elect can rationally be exhorted to believe: not they who are not elected, because Christ died not for them: not the elect, for he that knows himself to be one of that number, hath believed and repented already; if he do not know this, he cannot know that Christ died for him, and so he cannot know it is his duty to believe in him for salvation. Whereas if you assert " Christ died for all," then may you rationally exhort all men to believe, since every one must know that he who died for all, died for him also, and therefore that it is his duty to believe in him for salvation."

"A FARTHER enforcement of this extent of the death of Christ ariseth from the obligation which is, and always was, upon all persons to whom the gospel is or was revealed, to believe in Christ: For if it be the duty, not only of some few of every sort, but even of all and singular to whom the gospel is revealed, to believe in Christ, that is, to own him as their Saviour, or as that Jesus who came to save them from their sins; it must be true that he.came into the world to be the Saviour of all men, and to be the Propitiation for the sins of the whole world, as holy scripture doth expressly teach."

-Daniel Whitby, from his "Discourse" on the grace of God.

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