Feb 27, 2010

Neonomianism Unmasked by Isaac Chauncy (1693)

Neonomianism Unmasked or The Ancient Gospel pleaded Against the other called A New Law or Gospel by Isaac Chauncy (1693)

These are Picture PDF files. [It is written in Old English font]
Neonomianism Unmasked # 1
Neonomianism Unmasked # 2
Neonomianism Unmasked # 3
Neonomianism Unmasked # 4
Neonomianism Unmasked # 5
Neonomianism Unmasked # 6

William Styles defines Neonomianism as, "A schemed of Divinity propounded by Daniel Williams, D.D., which held that God has receded from the demands of the Moral Law, and given up its original obligations—and that the Gospel is a New Law, but of milder requirements, in which Faith, Repentance, and sincere though imperfect Obedience, are substituted in the room of the perfect and perpetual Obedience required by the original Law." (William Styles, A Manual of Faith and Practice)

Isaac Chauncy (1632-1712) is one of the leading opponent against Neonomianism. He sets forth his arguments against Daniel Williams in his classic book, "Neonomianism Unmask'd".

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